The Role of the Distributor

29 September 2017 | Blog Posts

InterGame Feature: The Role of the Distributor

David Snook looks at the changing nature of the middle man in the October issue of InterGame, which features perspectives from those in the industry.

Read about how things have evolved since the roles began to change when lines became blurred between the separate disciplines of the once distinct three-tier system between the manufacturer, the distributor and the operator.

Here’s an excerpt from our VP of business development, Jon Brady, whose family has been in the industry for several decades, when asked of his views on the role of the distributor in today’s market:

Jon W Brady, VP Business Development, Player One Amusement Group“The primary services would be consultation, equipment and attraction selection (games, laser tag, simulators, go karts, etc.), layout and design of the arcade, set-up and delivery, financing and then after the sale of parts, service and a continued relationship to provide clients with the best-earning products for their location.”

Check out the full article here starting on page 43.

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