FISHBOWL FRENZY - Full Sized Preview


Strictly a game of skill, Fishbowl Frenzy combines advanced technology, mechanical skill play, exceptional video graphics and adorable fish characters with a carnival theme, to create a terrifically entertaining game – the likes of which have never before been seen. The game challenges players to carefully time their release of a ball which bounces through a field of pins into one of the actual fishbowls below. Adorable, computer-generated 3D fish celebrate each win, spinning and jumping with enthusiasm.


  • 100% skill play
  • Festive carnival theme and cute 3D animated fish
  • High-definition, 65” Transmissive LCD screen technology
  • Two high capacity, simultaneous-output ticket dispensers
  • Quick, addictive gameplay maximizes revenue
  • Winner-Every-Time option


DIMS: 42.5”W x 57”D x 99”H (133”H with topper)
SHIP WEIGHT: 800 lbs

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