Zombie Snatcher - Full Sized Preview

Zombie Snatcher

Sure to be a hit at any location, Zombie Snatcher is a 6-player Zombie themed rotary game where players use the zombie arm to time the knock off of rotating ticket bundles. Constant action and game play designed for all ages make this a timeless and top earning game.


  • Operator adjustable Redemption or Merchandising options
  • Featuring ICE’s new Automatic Prize
  • Distribution System with an intelligent RFID accounting system to archive target payout
  • Multiple payout and merchandising options available along with 6 different programming prize values
  • 200 prize puck supply included
  • Self-programmable RFID case
  • Operator choses if prize puck is given to the player or recycled into the prize distribution system


DIMS: 67”W x 67”D x 61”H
SHIP WEIGHT: 675 lbs

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