HOLOGATE ARENA - Full Sized Preview


Manufacturer : HOLOGATE

Embark on an exhilirating adventure in a new dimension filled with wonder and joy!

You and your team are transferred into the immersive world of virtual reality, where you will fight robots, zombies, and dragons, or even challenge each other in a heart pounding virtual dance battle.  

With its futuristic, compact design the Hologate Arena boasts an exceptional size to revenue ratio.  Perfect for eSports, players can join Hologate tournaments and leagues.

Fun games for all ages and skill levels.  Games include: Angry Birds, Das Boot, Zombyte, Groove Gauardians, Slugterra, World of Tanks, and more!

Features: ​

  • ​Turnkey VR solution
  • Live gameplay broadcast with mesmerising visualssfs
  • Single attendant uses a touchscreen interface
  • Modular updrages and extra options
  • High end VR headsets
  • 90 FPS, high-resolution, and lag free
  • Up to 8 players can play at once with systemlink
  • Backend analytics
  • Players can communicate with each other using Teamspeak
  • Haptic blasters and feecback vests
  • Interactive LED light show
  • No heavy backpacks or battery swapping


DIMENSIONS: 17' W x 17' D x 9' H

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